• Service Existing Equipment
  • Install New Equipment
  • Design Systems for New Projects or to add to existing processes! 
  • Apply Energy Savings Applications


     Warranties are specific to each manufacturer. Please see those statements on their websites. Manufacturers do not cover labor or freight.

     Lee Technologies Inc. offers workmanship warranties on new construction for a period of one year. 


           We offer a complete solution including design, installation/construction, and maintenance for any refrigeration and mechanical project.  We are experienced  in executing both total control systems and energy management systems focusing on efficiency.  Some of the facilities we cater to include: 

Large Ice Production Facilities for packaged ice, produce, and various other industrial applications.  These operations have ammonia and Freon refrigeration systems along with complete computer control.
Poultry Processing Facilities, which include blast freezing, chilling of whole birds, and further processing applications.
Cold Storage Facilities that operate with blast freezing applications and different levels of controlled temperatures.
Various independent Processing Plants specializing in further processed foods such as ready to eat poultry products, hotdogs, and apple pies.  These plants have a wide array of refrigeration systems such as ammonia, Freon, chilled water, glycol, and CO2.
Beverage Processing Storage Facilities operating on refrigeration control systems using ammonia.
Ice-skating rinks, large grocery stores, etc.
Any facility with mechanical needs
Customized Refrigeration Skid Packages 

Our highest priority is the safety of our employees and your work environment.  Our safety program insures that our technicians and field personnel are all Hazmat trained at level 3 for ammonia. 

Realizing that your project has special needs, our goal is to work with you in “partnership” which results in providing you with a safe, efficient and effective operation.  We are prepared to go to work with you.